Who the hell do you think you are?!

I’m just a dude with a belly for a compass, a laugh that’s not for everyone, and a way with words that conjures a cocktail of incurable cravings, potent nostalgia, and untethered hysterics. Read and eat at your own risk, this is:

Cheesy Fantastico

“It’s hip to be square” [: :]

Patient as the Stew

Nothing competes with cooking dishes that require us to slow the fuck down and huff the aromatics of your choosing. Whether we’re talking straight mirepoix or total global trinity action, the world of stews and soups is where the zen masters come to chow. Break out your dutch-oven-instant-pot what have you, beverage in hand, and get simmer silly.


Who are the star condiments on your kitchen’s roster? Who’s hitting the home runs? Who’s getting on base? Who’s a team player?And who’s lurking in the dug out warming up the bench? Let’s get wild and party in the pantry.

I hear vegetables are good too…

We can’t always be huddled over a paper basket with cheeseburger jus dripping onto our eagerly awaiting double fried taters, but if you are good for you. For the rest of us, check out what a vegetable or two can do for you when you treat it real nice like.


Mushrooms?! Gross! Avocados? Gross! Mustard? Gross! Bivalves? Disgusting. Or so we thought… All the foods we used to hate until the right recipe/preparation came along and smacked some sense sense into us.

Thee Bite:Been there, ate that.

I do declare that eating out can be pretty pretty pretty nice. Low or hi brow, we’ll find the “Bite” that sends a masochistic sucker punch to your naive awareness of potential flavor per square mouthful. Silver or spork will be provided, so take the bite. . Photos by Cheesy Fantastico

Webster Diaries

Check out the dishes inspired by barn funk reds, pet nat, mezcal, and a crew of Highlife drinking rapscallions faking their way through dishes we thought people wanted to eat.. . . Photos by Mike Eng

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